The Process


Our relationship begins with a complimentary phone call so that I can gauge your budget and needs. After our conversation, I will follow up with a proposal that outlines the agreed-upon services and fees.


Much of my passion for designing inspiring travel experiences lies in getting to know you and customizing trips to your exact specifications, so during the planning process you can expect consistent, timely communication and thorough proposals that include multiple options and price quotes.


Before you leave for your trip, you'll receive a detailed itinerary complete with contact information and booking details, as well as what to do in case of hiccups along the way. If and when those hiccups arise, I am available to step in and square them away.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a travel designer/advisor/planner?

A: They all basically translate to the same thing — travel agent. I prefer to call myself a travel designer because I believe the difference in my services lies in that key word — design. What I do goes far beyond just booking flights and hotels (even though that's an important step); my mission is to provide intelligently designed, inspiring experiences for the modern traveler.


Q: How do you get paid?

A: A few different ways. In addition to my planning fees, I earn commissions from booking cruises, hotels, tours, etc. That is how I can offer you (some) complimentary booking services, even though I might spend several days or weeks researching the best options for you. You can rest assured that commissions have no influence on my recommendations. My priority is finding the right fit for you and building a long-term relationship rooted in trust, which is worth more to me than making an extra percent or two.

Q: Will you save me money?

A: Maybe, maybe not. I can often find competitive rates that come with complimentary perks through our direct partnerships. But I think it’s more important to note that the real value of my services lies in my knowledge, my partnerships, and my planning expertise. I can make the travel planning experience seamless and easeful, which will save you from wasting hours on the internet second-guessing a million different options.

Q: Why should I use your services when it's so easy nowadays to plan and book my own trips?

A: Travel doesn't come cheap — it demands a significant investment of attention, time, and money. Relying on TripAdvisor, travel magazines, and blogs — while fantastic for inspiration and ideas — can be risky because of differences in standards and the impact advertising dollars has on this kind of content. Travel designers like myself have experienced destinations, hotels, cruises, etc. firsthand. If I haven't, it's almost guaranteed that someone in my 150-advisor-strong SmartFlyer network has, and I can rely on their expertise and recommendations like I would my own.

Using a travel designer can also open up a new world of options that you wouldn't be able to access on your own. Often, I work with suppliers directly to snag the best room, a complimentary upgrade, or availability when something is "sold out." I can even find lower fares on international business flights that you wouldn't be able to book on your own, for example.

Q: Where does the name Row33 come from?

A: Sometimes a trip is just a trip. But sometimes it can be completely transformative. When I decided to shift from writing about trips to actually planning them, I was sitting in row 33 on a flight from Frankfurt to Orlando. It was definitely a cliché lightbulb moment that I, at first, shelved; but it kept poking me in the ribs. So, here I am, and here you are, and let’s start planning your trip already!


“As consumer travel magazines have transitioned to luxury lifestyle magazines, and the rise of review sites like TripAdvisor have helped flatten the travel suggestion landscape, good travel suggestions have become harder to find.”


Andrew Sheivachman, Skift