The Backstory

My love of travel began in high school, when I spent a month exploring Europe and two weeks living as an exchange student in Germany.

Since then I have traveled to nearly 40 countries, including spending almost two years living in cities across Southeast Asia, Europe, and South America. I've also called Florida and New York City home, and I currently reside in Charleston, South Carolina. When I'm not planning trips, you can find me at the beach, cooking, catching a concert, or playing with my camera. I also recently completed my 200-hour yoga teacher certification.


Before starting Row33 Travel Co., I worked as a writer, editor, and journalist for more than 13 years, covering hospitality, travel, event planning, and food/beverage. I still regularly write for travel-focused outlets like Travel + Leisure, Southern Living, Roads + Kingdoms,, PCMA Convene, and inflight magazines for United and British Airways.




I am passionate and curious about

exploring the world around me


In my other writer life, I spend a good chunk of time nitpicking, fact-checking, and editing, all to ensure that a story is not just interesting but accurate. In the world of travel planning, that skillset means that you can expect the same result: an interesting, inspiring trip that doesn’t overlook the details (like that your flight won’t have a 14-hour layover, or that the hotel you booked for your honeymoon isn’t next to a construction zone).

I am passionate and curious about exploring the world around me and I want to help you see it with the same sense of enthusiasm. I see travel as an adventure — because it is! — and my job is to provide you with the framework for that adventure, and to make it as seamless and pleasureful as possible. My focus is luxury travel experiences, but I think it's important to define exactly what luxury means. Luxury isn't over the top for the sake of being over the top; true luxury travel is intelligent planning that makes efficient use of time and eliminates stress; experiences that immerse you more deeply into a place or culture; and accommodations that embrace the place they're in and know how to anticipate a guest's needs and wants without being obtrusive. I want to provide you with a travel experience that leaves you feeling renewed, fulfilled, and inspired — never spent or overwhelmed.